Thursday, August 28, 2008

Juarez Week 3

One of the little girls at the Tarahumarah Indian compund.

Our competent and always serious Global Infusion staff members. :)

Week 3 Miami team

Construction projects - the making of a septic system.

Hanging out with the Tarahumarah's at the park

My construction team, after we had demolished the roof behind us.

Balloon animals at the VBS.

The view in Juarez

VBS kids

Our construction team hanging out on another roof. We were quite the competent roofing team. :)

Praying for a family we had done construction for.

The church we did our VBS site at.

Juarez Week 2

We must have crossed the border about 20 times during our second week. We were without any teams coming in, and so we helped our contact take food back and forth from Texas to Juarez to help the community members who are in need.

We worked many hours in a warehouse moving food to take back to Juarez.

We set up this shelving and loaded all these boxes onto it...more sliced jalapenos, black beans, and rice than I've ever seen on one place! :)

On our free day, they took us to the desert of New Mexico to shoot guns - my first time ever!

Look at that form...

This was our "near arrest" day, when Matt was being held hostage by the Mexican authorities. If you look real close you can see him down in that grate.

Waiting for him to be released.

Oh no, Matt! What's gonna happen?

I got bored and started trying to be artsy.

Oh, the sweet taste of freedom!

I think lugging all that heavy food back and forth took its toll on the vans. This was like breakdown number 7.

We found this tarantula while waiting on the side of the road.

Hannah, Summer, Danielle and I

Summer, the other GI intern who I'm moving in with in Knoxville.

One last view of our large Mexican flag.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Juarez Week 1 Pictures

We did some ministry at a compound that houses indigenous Indians called Tarahumarahs that come up from southern Mexico and have difficulty getting jobs and surviving.

We were able to go into a girl's home and play with/pray for the girls that are living there. We actually got to spend a lot of time with these girls over the 3 weeks we were there, and got to develop some good relationships with them.

This was the team from Tampa. They were in Juarez during the first week I was there, and they primarily did women's conferences and evangelism.

This little girl was playing next to her house (the blankets you see behind her made up the walls of her home). Our team was able to build a brand new roof to help protect her and her family from rain and extreme temperatures.

These were some of the kids I connected with during one of the Vacation Bible Schools we facilitated.

On the final day of each team's trip, we take the team on a mountain hike up to this cross. The mountain overlooks the whole city of Juarez - an amazing view and an incredible opportunity to pray over the city before sending the team back to the US.

On top of the mountain, this was the other team that was in Juarez during my first week there. This group is from Knoxville, TN and they primarily did construction projects and children's outreaches.

This is one of the little girls I fell in love with. She lives at the Tarahumarah Indian compound, and is dressed in the authentic attire of her group.

The view from the compound where we stayed. I (unfortunately) got to see several sunrises while I was there. If you know me and know I'm not an early morning person, you'll understand why I say that was unfortunate! :)

Me up on the mountain.

To my left is Tricia, one of the girls I worked with at my last job in Cleveland. She got to come on this first trip with me, which was pretty awesome. The girl on my right is Summer. She is the other Global Infusion intern living up in Knoxville. We'll be living together in Knoxville, and basically spending all our time together... It's a good thing she's so amazing! Haha...

One of the VBS sites - there were over 100 kids that showed up for this VBS. Praise God!

Construction on the little girls house that you saw earlier.

There's a few of the pics from our first week of teams. I'll post pictures from the other two weeks and our trip to Guatemala as well. :)