Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter fun in Tennessee

So it's been a fun winter in Tennessee, learning to live as a missionary even when in the US. In the matter of a week we lost both our hot water and our heat. They both broke and we had a very few cold days.

We've had an exceptionally cold winter here, with more snow than usual here (still not too much). Despite all that, I'm preparing for what I have ahead of me. In the spring I will be traveling to India and Thailand. I will be gone from the end of April through the end of July. I am super excited about this opportunity, although it will be scary at times. I know the Lord is calling me to this. So in the mean time, I am working, praying, preparing, and shivering (I was made for a tropical environment!).
Keep me in your prayers during this time. In some ways it would be easier if I was in another country. It's hard to sit every day in an office, planning other people's mission trips, not making a penny doing it, but also not seeing the same rewards as if I was in another country doing what we usually consider "missions work." Pray that I can raise the $5000 I need before I leave in April. Pray that I will prepare as I need to for the upcoming experience. Pray that I stay encouraged. Please pray.