Friday, March 12, 2010

The Value of $10

Some of you may have already read my facebook statuses asking for $10 towards Global Infusion, but you might be wondering what will $10 do? I have worked here at Global Infusion, a foreign missions organization for almost 2 years now. We plan missions trips for groups all around the world and we handle ALL of the administration and planning to make those trips happen. We do not take a single penny to cover our administrative costs from the trips. That's right. I work here for free, becuase I believe in what we are doing. That's why I need you. Your $10 one time gift allows me to live here at the GI campus. It helps me buy food and put gas in my car. It pays for my upcoming trip to Guatemala March 21-29 where I (along with my fiance) will be taking a group of 8 from a church in Colorado into the mountains to distribute food and share Christ. Your $10 allows for the distribution of food to those Guatemalians starving in the mountains. It helps us send out literally hundreds of people this summer on nearly 10 different trips to countries like Egypt, Thailand, Ghana, Ukraine, China, and Guatemala, where hundreds and thousands will be encountered by these GI missions teams and have an opportunity to experience the love of God. That is the value of your $10. What other $10 you spend has that kind of effect? Can you give?

Donate now at and specify my name in your donation to help me raise the support I need for my last 3 months here. Your $10 gift can change countless lives. Thank you!