Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And I'm out

Tomorrow is the big day where I actually board to India. Which means that today is my last full day in the US for the next few months! I'm so thrilled that it's here now! I'll keep you posted as I can send out updates. I will try to send some email updates as well, so if you'd like to get those leave me a comment with your email address or email me at lizzylou83@hotmail.com.

It's gonna be one exciting adventure! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time is absolutely flying by. I am down to 15 days left before I leave for Kansas to train our teams, and only 20 days until I actually depart for India. I am working on all my last minute preparations before departure. There is something you all can do to help me prepare as well...


I really need your prayers! Not just as I prepare to leave, but also while I am gone. Here are a few specific things that you can be praying for:

Pray for safety – both for myself and for the three teams that will be joining me throughout the next 3 months. The area we are going to in India is not the area where all the persecutions have been occurring lately, and I have been assured it is completely safe, but we do not want to neglect praying for safety. Pray both for safety while traveling, and also just general safety while in both of the countries. (I’m getting an international drivers license and will be driving in Thailand, and if any of you have been in a foreign country and have seen how they drive, you know that this is something to pray about too!)

Pray against loneliness. It may seem a little silly, but this is one of my greatest concerns for while I am gone. Being completely saturated in cultures where I do not speak the language and am on my own for a good majority of the time can be a very lonely thing. Pray that I will rely on the Lord for companionship, and that He will also send encouragement through people there and friends and family back home.

Pray for the ministry I will be doing while gone – particularly to the women in Thailand. Much of what I am planning to do is related to counseling the ladies both individually and in a group setting, and this has not been done before through SHE. Language limitations and cultural differences could make this endeavor challenging. Pray that there will be women in the house who understand English, and that the ladies will connect easily to me and feel comfortable to share.

Pray that I will be equally burdened for the work in India. This has been a little hard for me since I have not been to India before and do not have a clear picture of what I will be doing while there. It is easier for me to focus on what I’ll be doing in Thailand, since I’ve been there before and feel especially burdened for what I’ll be doing there. However, I know that the Lord has ordained me to go to India also, and has amazing things He wants to accomplish there as well.
Pray that I can fit everything in my pack!... I’m joking...well, partially. :)