Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lessons from the Fava

So I'm sitting here in my new apartment with my new husband, and am just having all these God things hit me while, of all things, I write wedding thank you notes. Now what kind of deep thoughts could that be bringing up, you might think?
Well, I'll tell you.
I just got done writing a note to one of my faithful missions supporters. This couple, above all others, gave faithfully every single month for 2 full years that I was with Global Infusion. As the person sitting on the receiving end of that support, that is a huge deal. And when you have someone who gives that faithfully, not only does it strenghten your trust in God and allow you to breathe a little easier each month, knowing that at least one check will be faithfully coming your way, it also adds up. This couple made such an impact on my ability to stay with Global Infusion as long as I did, and prepared the way for me to do things like go to Thailand and stay for six months, allowing me to meet Dan, and leading me to be where I am right now, sitting on this new couch with this new apartment, new ring on my finger and new man by my side for life. How do you put that into a thank you note? I guess that's why I'm here now typing this out instead of just crying into that envelope.
It leads me to ask a lot of questions. How many people have been effected in that way because of my obedience? Not only that, but also by my my faithfulness? Obedience, well that I can say that I do pretty good with... at least some of the time... Faithfulness? Yikes, that one is a little harder. I hope that there are some. I'm sure there must be...at least one, maybe?
So let's not just focus on the past, but turn this into a challenge for the future... Who am I going to make that kind of impact on through my future obedience and faithfulness alone? I want it to be many! Being on this side of it, I want to be that person to as many other people as I can!
I've wrapped up the official "missionary" role for the time being (I say official, because we are all always called to be missionaries), so now that I'm not the one living on full-time support, who's life will I impact for eternity? Whose life will you impact for eternity? I hope for your sake, as well as mine, that it will be many.

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